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Strategy - Capture Planning

Who are your target customers?  How do they purchase?  How much do they spend?  What is the competitive landscape?


Capture planning is an essential business development process for responding to government solicitations. MMN Consulting, LLC will help you with the pre-proposal preparation that positions a company to pursue and win awards.  That means detailing the most likely requirements based on research; developing a solution to the agency's need; researching the competition; creating a strategy; and then overseeing that process.  Ideally, this should occur before a solicitation is posted.


Having material prepared in advance is vital to increasing your success rate.  Capture planning is the technique of managing an opportunity from the very beginning to the very end of the business development lifecycle, and using that knowledge again.  It is an ongoing strategy, and it focused on specific agencies. 


Our services include market research to help you understand three things: your industry history and potential in the government marketplace, your competition for awards, and your target market within the government sector.


Beyond that, MMN Consulting, LLC can offer an assessment of whether government contracting is right for your company now.  We can how you can build capabilities and identify what differentiates you from the competition to be a successful government contractor with local, state and federal agencies.


If your business needs overall guidance to navigate the world of government contracting, MMN Consulting, LLC’s the ideal business solution for you. One-on-one coaching sessions over several months ensures that your business takes the necessary steps to remain on course.  We focus on your company and your success. 


Each coaching session delivers knowledge in the ways that your business will find most valuable. Rather than wasting your time searching for hard-to-find answers, you are provided with the insight and guidance you need to maximize your efforts. 


What we work on depends on you and your company. You can learn how to take advantage of small business set-asides, get advice on marketing strategies, or receive instruction on writing government proposals. 


The red tape and intricacies of government contracting can be overwhelming. It's easy to get mired in the details or lost among the thousands of clients that free programs serve.  We maintain a small number of clients to tailor our services to you.  Coaching will ensure you master and move beyond the basics faster.  



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