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Marketing to Government Entities

Networking with local, state and federal government agencies is vital.  Marisa Neal has spent years developing relationships with procurement professionals across the country. 


She worked for several years to promulgate regulations and policies that provide details to the Kentucky Model Procurement Code.  She worked with all of the Cabinets in state government, and several legislative committees during this process.  These are the regulations and policies that all vendors, Kentucky state agencies and some local governments follow.  Currently, 25 states follow parts of the Model Procurement Code that was originally created by the American Bar Association in 1979.  Kentucky was the first.


If you need the basics, we can assist you with developing a capabilities statement for your company that is tailored to the audience to highlight your core competencies. Your capabilities statement is your introduction to procurement professionals. Contracting officials use this information to make initial determinations about whether you have the wherewithal to perform.


MMN Consulting helps you move beyond the basics to market your company to gain a competitive advantage. 

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